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  • September 20, 2012 - Sven Huisman

    Chance to win a free pass to VMworld 2012 Barcelona

    In a couple of weeks, VMworld 2012 will be taking place in Barcelona (October 09-11). As I have been to VMworld a couple of times, I can highly recommend to attend VMworld! Watch this video with 5 reasons to go to VMworld in Barcelona: I you still haven’t registered for VMworld, you still have the […]

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  • February 25, 2009 - Matthijs Haverink

    VMworld Europe 2009: The best (to)pics of Day 1

    Off-course today VirtualFuture attended Day 1 of VMworld Europe 2009 @ Cannes and we decided to share with you our moments: Worst and best magic trick of the day  You’re witnessing the Veeam Magician in action here. A bit unfair we’re showing a trick gone wrong because the past couple of days he’s entertaining us with […]

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  • February 23, 2009 - Matthijs Haverink

    Veeam first with multiple VMware Ready Optimized products

    It was already anounced in Vegas last year but here in Cannes the first VMware Ready products will be announced. Today the VirtualFuture crew had a sneak-peak in the Solution Exchange area (exhibiters) and we found the Veeam stand with a brandnew logo appearing : “VMware Ready Optimized”.

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  • February 17, 2009 - Sven Huisman

    Veeam Backup 3.0: faster backup than with VCB?

    Today Veeam Backup 3.0 was released and the big eye-catcher of this backup and recovery tool is that it is the first tool ever that supports ESXi without the use of VCB: Veeam Backup 3.0 now supports ESXi backup without VCB. Veeam Backup is the only VMware backup solution that lets you backup and restore virtual machines running […]

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  • January 20, 2009 - Sven Huisman

    Thinapp and licensing

    Today I had a conversation with Gabrie from gabesvirtualworld.com about licensing Thinapped applications. He has a couple of tools that he Thinapped and he would like to share these tools (VI-client for example). Unfortunately he can’t do that because of the licensing Thinapp uses. The license of Thinapp is actually build into the executable Thinapp […]

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