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  • July 15, 2009 - Sven Huisman

    VMware vSphere VCP 4 beta exam

    Today I had the opportunity to take the VCP 4 beta exam. 270 questions in 4,5 hours.  When I was finished I still had more than 1 hour left and I even took a 10 minute break in between. After I finished I decided to review all the questions, trying to remember the question I […]

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  • A while ago I posted an article about my ESX whitebox and the HP P400 RAID controller I use in this whitebox server. At that time, I used ESXi 3.5 and there was no way I could configure or get the status from the RAID controller. Fortunately, someone commented that it was possible when using […]

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  • April 29, 2009 - Sven Huisman

    VMware vSphere 4: What’s in Enterprise Plus?

    When you look at all marketing material of VMware vSphere, you can get confused about what feature is in what version. For example: I was under the impression that 8-way Virtual SMP was a new feature of vSphere regardless of what version you have (Standard, Advanced, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus). Take a look at this press-release for […]

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  • April 21, 2009 - Matthijs Haverink

    VMware vSphere unveiled

    You probably noticed because the blogoshpere is full of it but we can’t let this event unmentioned : VMware unveiled the successor to the VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 suite : VMware vSphere 4. Just to be clear this is the name of the suite, not just “ESX 4”. Interesting to see is that the various […]

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  • February 25, 2009 - Matthijs Haverink

    VMworld Europe 2009: Day 2: Keynote live feed on twitter

    Follow us (@svenh and @VF_Matt) on Twitter for a live feed of the keynote of day 2. Even better follow the tag #vfvmw on Twitter and you’ll get both feeds from us in one view, enjoy !    svenh: Stephen Herrod is finished. #vfvmw    

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