Now that the VMworld 2012 schedule builder is live, I want to share my list of favourite sessions I would like to attend during VMworld 2012. The list is in random order.

EUC1357 – Dispelling the Myths of Desktops as a Service (DaaS) with VMware View
VMware View 5.1 provides an ideal platform for delivering desktops as a managed service for enterprise customers of all sizes. What many customers and service providers don’t realize is that View can also provide the foundation for building a service offering for delivering desktops from the cloud. Service providers have been daunted by technology and licensing challenges towards building a viable service for many years, but no longer.
David Stafford – Director, New Markets & Technology, VMware, Inc.
Andre Leibovici – Architect, VMware, Inc.

Comment: Finally I have the chance to see the author of one of my favourite VMware View related blogs live on stage. Andre Leibovici is the well-known blogger at myvirtualcloud, A must-see session!

EUC1460 – An Insider’s Guide to Desktop Virtualization: A Virtual Reality Check
More and more customers see the benefits of Desktop virtualization. In this energetic session, CTO’s Jeroen van de Kamp and Ruben Spruijt will present all the important results and best practices for Virtual Desktop (VDI) workloads found in Project: Virtual Reality Check (VRC).
Ruben Spruijt – Technology Office, PQR
cyndie zikmund – competitive marketing manager, VMware, Inc.
Jeroen van de Kamp – CTO, Login Consultants

Comment: As a team-member of Project VRC, I’m proud that there will be a session this year at VMworld! Of course I will attend this session.

EUC2030 – VMware View and Storage: Thinking Outside the Box of Disks
In many virtual desktop deployments, companies have been forced to focus on traditional shared storage. Because of the relatively low cost of physical desktops, virtual desktop deployments that rely on costly shared storage infrastructure has stalled the adoption of virtual desktops. Emerging storage technology can have a tremendously positive impact on View performance and ROI. We will look at new technologies in View 5.1 and vSphere 5 that specifically assist with View deployments. This session will provide a technical review of emerging solutions that positively impact VDI performance and ROI. Could it actually be the year of the desktop? It is time to find out. This session will be technical, informative, highly interactive and will include a live demo of an emerging storage technology in a View environment.
Jeff Whitman – Senior Systems Engineer, VMware, Inc.
Victor Backman – Architect, Fusion-io
Jim Yanik – End User Computing Specialist, VMware, Inc.

Comment: Using a local storage solution like Fusion-io in A VDI-environment is something I see more and more. An interesting session IMHO.

EUC1363 – Centralized Management with Local Execution: A cost-effective solution for physical and virtual desktops with Mirage
Managing and protecting endpoints in the enterprise is costly, complex and inefficient, especially for managing fleets of laptops used by distributed knowledge workers. Typical solutions that opt for improving IT manageability end up impacting the user experience and increasing TCO. Mirage offers a unique architecture that blends centralization of desktop images for manageability and recovery purposes with localized execution on physical/virtual endpoints for best user-experience purposes. Primary copies of desktop images are cloned and maintained in the data-center, while secondary copies are deployed and cached in the endpoints to enable seamless user experience and native performance, regardless of the type of applications or type of connectivity. In between, Mirage provides an optimized transport layer for delivery and bi-directional synchronization between the primary and cached copies, over the WAN. On top of the base architecture, Mirage offers three major functions: Layered image management, through which IT managers can define and enforce a base-image layer while preserving a layer of user-installed applications; snapshot-based recovery & repair, which provides fast full image and system-level restore, as well as self-service file-level restore; and zero-touch OS and hardware migration/refresh. Mirage value proposition is in combining simplified all in one desktop management, a cost-effective solution with low infrastructure overhead and reduction of 40-50% in operational expenses compared to traditional management and recovery solutions, and happy end users that can get their work done with no excuses.
Issy Ben-Shaul – CTO, Mirage, VMware, Inc.
Jay Tomlin – Sr. Product Manager, VMware, Inc.

Comment: Recently VMware bought Wanova and as a matter of fact, Vittorio Viarengo (VMware’s Vice President Marketing, End User Computing) post a blog today about how Wanavo fits in VMware’s end user computing vision. This session should explain more about how Wanova Mirage will integrate.

EUC1916 – Best Practices for Implementing Unified Communications with VMware View
Today, a modern desktop is also a collaboration device similar to a phone. Integration of virtual desktop and unified communications like softphone is on the rise to address the need to modernize the desktops. Enterprises in verticals like financial services are implementing unified communication with virtual desktop to address the requirements in their contact centers, remote offices. etc.
Sreekanth Kannan – Sr. Product Marketing Manager-End User Computing, VMware, Inc.

Comment: More and more a question from my customers: Unified communications and VMware View: what are the possibilities now and in the future?

EUC1964 – Display Remoting in a Mobile World
Over the last few years, Benny Tritsch and Shawn Bass have been constantly improving their unique, vendor-independent remoting protocol test methodology, allowing them to visually compare different protocols head-to-head. According to the results they presented last year, Microsoft RDP/RemoteFX, Citrix HDX, VMware/Teradici PCoIP and Quest EOP all perform very well on the LAN. The same is true when displaying standard Windows applications based on Microsoft’s GDI and other standard 2D graphics formats. Even when taking these display protocols over a decent WAN connection they all perform well except for certain high quality video content types. But what’s next? Mobility is all the rage in business right now with everyone from knowledge workers to executives wanting to get to their applications and data from the latest tablet and smartphone devices. But what happens to the user experience when accessing their desktop and applications from these mobile devices over typical 3G/4G internet connections. Come to this session to get an inside look at an independent point of view on Remoting Protocols on mobile devices.
Benny Tritsch – Consultant, WTSTek
Shawn Bass – Solution Architect,
cyndie zikmund – competitive marketing manager, VMware, Inc.

Comment: Benny and Shawn, need I say more?

EUC2110 – A Truly Live Chat Session: VMware View and ThinApp Performance Best Practices
This moderated panel discussion is a truly live chat session, with brief overviews on performance best practices for VMware View and VMware ThinApp, followed by questions from the audience and answers from the VMware performance experts. Topics for discussion include: • View PCoIP performance best practices (Chuck Hirstius) • Graphics performance best practices In View (Aaron Blasius) • Configuring Persona Management and the Persona Repository for best performance (Erik Tatum) • Configuring ThinApp packages and the ThinApp Repository for best performance (Dean Flaming) The performance experts on the panel have been chosen not only for their technical expertise, but also for their ability to explain technical details clearly. This live chat session will provide you with the opportunity to interact with some fun, knowledgeable people who are eager to help you succeed in getting optimal performance from VMware View and ThinApp.
Chuck Hirstius – Sr. Consultant, VMware, Inc.
Aaron Blasius – Sr. Product Manager, VMware, Inc.
Dean Flaming – ThinApp Global Product Specialist, VMware, Inc.
erik tatum – employee, VMware, Inc.
Tina de Benedictis – Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop, End User Computing, VMware, Inc.

Comment: Let’s see which “best practices” will be discussed and if I agree with them…

EUC2620 – View 5.1 and PCoIP: A performance deep dive for successfully optimizing and customizing your VDI deployments
This session discusses end-to-end architectural considerations associated with creating a high performance, efficient and highly scalable VMware View deployment and highlights key tunables and best practices for every key component in a deployment. This session also highlights the new performance improvements in the View 5.1 release and presents competitive results. Finally, we present the latest PCoIP tuning strategies and cover the secrets of using freely available tools to monitor and diagnose PCoIP performance and to measure PCoIP tuning impact.
Chuck Hirstius – Sr. Consultant, VMware, Inc.
Banit Agrawal – Sr. MTS, VMware, Inc.
Lawrence Spracklen – employee, VMware, Inc.

Comment: Probably the PCoiP logviewer will be discussed in this session, a very powerful PCoIP troubleshooting tool.

EUC2792 – View 5.1: Security Deep Dive
This talk provides an overview of security in VMware View. We’ll cover product features, look at some of the processes required to set up a secure View environment, provide some best practice advice on security and take a peek into the implementation of some of the mechanisms.
Rob Randell – Principal Security and Compliance Specialist, VMware, Inc.
Frank Taylor – Senior Staff Engineer, VMware, Inc.
Mark Benson – Senior Architect – R&D – Desktop Business Unit, VMware, Inc.
David Young – SE, VMware, Inc.

EUC2909 – Using Socialcast to Build a Successful Internal Social Collaboration Community
While a majority of employees participate in at least one social network outside of work, not all companies use the power of social networks internally to their own advantage. In this presentation, learn how the Fortune 100 company Humana Inc. went from zero to a dynamic internal community with 20,000 users and 1,000 groups in a two-year period using the Socialcast platform. Learn from the things they did well and from their mistakes. Companies won’t succeed with a “build it and they will come” attitude when it comes to internal social platforms. It takes a strategy, sound online community principles, resources and constant effort to grow in quantity and quality. This session will provide substantive detail of one company’s successful implementation so that your current or future implementation can be more successful as well, helping to break down internal silos and foster a sense of community that transcends geographical and functional boundaries.
Jeff Ross – Community Manager, Humana Inc.

Comment: I recently introduced Socialcast in the organisation which I work for. I find it a very useful tool. Maybe I can learn in this session how to get more colleagues involved.

OPS-CIM1564 – Troubleshooting Using vCenter Operations Manager
This session will cover some of the common troubleshooting scenarios that users typically run into when managing a vSphere environment and show what tools are available in vCenter operations to isolate and resolve these problems quickly.
Kit Colbert – Principal Engineer, VMware, Inc.
Praveen Kannan – Sr. Product Manager, VMware, Inc.

Comment: Sessions from Kit Colbert are really must-see sessions. You will not regret attending his sessions.

EUC1305 – What’s New and What’s Next for VMware View?
In the past, challenges such as up-front infrastructure acquisition costs, especially cost of shared storage, and management complexity have limited the adoption of an enterprise-wide VDI strategy. Help is on it’s way. In this session, we will first review what’s new in the latest VMware View 5.1 release including the numerous storage performance optimization features and large scale deployment enhancement tools to help enhance the TCO of VDI. We will then drill down to review upcoming storage solutions particularly useful in enhancing the performance of VDI while drastically reduce the infrastructure cost. By learning what’s new and what’s next in View, customers and partners are provided with the information and confidence they need to continue to expand the adoption of VDI.
Lebin Cheng – Group Product Manager, VMware, Inc.
Sunil Satnur – Staff Engineer, VMware, Inc.
Narasimha Krishnakumar – Program Manager, VMware, Inc.

Comment: I hope to get more information on what we can expect in the near future of VMware View in this session.

EUC2128 – Project Octopus: Personal Cloud / Team Cloud — Next Generation File Sharing from VMware
Influenced by what they experience in the consumer market, end users expect to be able to collaborate seamlessly with integrated applications that can be accessed from any device, anywhere at any time. Increasingly, users are going outside of the organization to find solutions, creating difficulties for IT organizations chartered with providing security and compliance. Whether deployed on-premises or through a service provider, VMware’s Project Octopus improves the way people work in this post-PC era with a new data sharing application that advances our vision for combining end-user freedom with IT control. Octopus will enable users to access files from any device and share them with people both inside (other colleagues) and outside (vendors, customers, partners) their companies in a completely safe and secure way. Additionally, policies and provisioning are centrally managed via VMware Horizon Application Manager™, a centralized policy and entitlement engine that will broker user access to applications, virtual desktops and data resources. The result is a simple, seamless end-user experience when accessing work resources across private and public clouds on whatever device the user chooses. Octopus addresses the challenges that IT has today…users need a way to easily and quickly access their files on their tablets, smart phones, laptops and home desktops and do this in a way that’s safe and secure.
Arvind Soni – Product Manager, VMware, Inc.
Andrew Hawthorn – Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VMware, Inc.

Comment: Let’s find out what the latest news is around Project Octopus.