VMware is organizing a six-part bootcamp about ThinApp, VMware’s Application Virtualization solution.

“…we show you how to use, deploy, and optimize VMware ThinApp. The  session will include everything from deployment best practices, tips & tricks for performance enhancement, and improving application  compatibility. We will be releasing one on demand session each day starting October 31st.  At the end of this bootcamp, you’ll understand how to use VMware ThinApp. Register to get a free e-book of all the presentations included in this bootcamp series.”

Starting October 31st, a new video will be released daily:

ThinApp Design Best Practices

  • Speaker – Ray Dusseault, VMware
  • This session provides an overview real world best practices surrounding the new ThinApp Design Process along with a basic timeline for the ThinApp Plan & Design engagement.

ThinApp Implementation Best Practices

  • Speaker – Ray Dusseault, VMware
  • This session provides an overview of the latest ThinApp Strategy, methodology and real world Implementation best practices.

ThinApp Performance Enhancing Techniques

  • Speaker – Dean Flaming, VMware
  • Common tips, rules, basic troubleshooting procedures, and suggestions used to help enhance performance of ThinApp packages, including pre-capture settings, post-capture clean-up, deployment options pros and cons, and environment configurations.

Scripting within ThinApp

  • Speaker – Dean Flaming, VMware
  • Understanding the basics of scripting within a ThinApp environment including use of the callback functions as timing mechanisms, additional options available by admins, and how to implement a scripted solution within a ThinApp packaged application.

Isolation Modes Explained

  • Speaker – Travis Sales, VMware
  • Isolation modes are at the heart of the abstraction layer within ThinApp. We will explore their uses and and how to adjustment them for optimal application compatibility.

AppLink Fundamentals

  • Speaker – Travis Sales, VMware
  • AppLink enables you to package, deploy, and update component pieces separately while keeping the benefits of application virtualization. This session will explore AppLinks use scenarios and uses cases.

Check the VMware Desktop Community website for more information.