August 31, 2011 - Sven Huisman

VMWorld 2011- Update 1

This week I’m attending VMWorld 2011 in Las Vegas. Although I spend a lot of time shooting and editing interviews and daily wraps for the Dutch VMUG site, I just wanted to create a blogpost to share what I found interesting. I will add content to this post during this week.

Day 1

  • Project Horizon: Managing VMware ThinApp as a Cloud Service

This session was about Vmware Horizon AppManager and the ThinApp integration, which is new. It was explained how VMware Horizon works from a technical point of View. What also is possible to track app usage and real-time monitoring.

  • VMware View Plus Virtual Cloud Infrastructure: What’s New and Future Directions

The new VMware View 5 features highlighted. If you want to know more, read

  • View Enterprise Architecture Design and Implementation Best Practices

This session was actually exactly the same as the first video of the VMware Bootcamp.

  • View Troubleshooting: Looking under the hood

An interesting session about common problems in a VMware View environment and how to troubleshoot these issues. You’ll have to wait until the session is available online, because the slides where very detailed. One tool they mentioned for troubleshooting was baretail, a tail program for windows. This tool is very useful when analyzing the logfiles.

Overall this general session was not really interesting to me. The one thing I want to mention is that VMware View 5 was announced.

Day 2

A very good session about how VMware looks at End User Computing. A couple of new products discussed as well, like: Horizon App Manager, VMware AppBlast, ThinApp Factory, Horizon Mobile (formaly known as Mobile Virtualization Platform), VXLAN, and a sneek peek at VMware Navigator (discovers services running in VMs without agents).

  • So you think you know everything there is about VMware ThinApp
  • Project VRC session with Ruben Spruijt and Jeroen van de Kamp

This session was streamed live and Ruben and Jeroen talked about Project VRC phase 4 results. If you want to know more about ProjectVRC, visit the website.

  • Interview with Jonathan Clark, Principal Engineer, VMware

Will be posted on Wednesday. Jonathan talks about ThinApp Factory, VMware Appblast and the ThinApp integration in VMware Horizon

  • Interview with Steve Herrod, Chief Technology Officer, VMware

Steve Herrod talks about VMware AppBlast and how he is using it. He also talks about VMware Horizon App Manager.

VMworld 2011 Las Vegas–Interview met Steve Herrod

If you are Dutch, go and visit the Dutch VMUG site!

Also check out VMworldTV for more interesting video’s.

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