July 18, 2011 - Sven Huisman

VMware View online bootcamp

VMware is organizing a nine-part VMware View Bootcamp: every day a new video is published for you to view. At the end of this bootcamp, you will have a good understanding of the VMware View solution, how to roll it out and how to optimize View in your environment. A free e-book of all the presentations is included in this bootcamp series.

“We will lock the discussions for the video each night and move on to the next video.we will show you how to get started and successfully roll out and deploy your virtual desktops and applications. We will have sessions covering everything from storage and networking best practices to PCoIP tuning and optimizing your base image. We will also touch on VMware’s new security server for PCoIP and how you can take advantage of powershell to write your own scripts for View.”

Starting July 19th, a new video will be released daily:

Design Considerations Guidelines for VMware View – Overview

  • Speaker – John Dodge, Sr. Manager PSO Services, VMware
  • Overview of the technical considerations to keep in mind while you’re designing a View environment

Storage Deep Dive – Considerations and Best Practices

  • Speaker – Jim Yanik, Sr. Systems Engineer, VMware
  • How to design your storage infrastructure to fit your environment
  • Sizing and workload considerations

Network Considerations and Best Practices

  • Speaker – Shannon McFarland; Consulting Engineer for Data Center technologies and Enterprise IPv6 design on Cisco’s Consulting Engineering team in the Office of the CTO, Cisco
  • Network requirements for LAN and WAN
  • Bandwidth requirements deep dive
  • Security considerations – Security Server, AV, Encryption, Authentication

Optimizing the Base Image for VMware View

  • Speaker – Todd Dayton, Staff Product Manager, Desktop Product Management, VMware
  • How to build and tune your desktop image
  • User and workload considerations
  • OS specific tips (XP, Win7)

Delivering Applications

  • Speaker – Heath Doerr, Sr Systems Engineer, VMware
  • Packaging and updates (applink and appsync)
  • Best practices-storage, image management and application deployment
  • Application migration, application conflict and compatibility

PCoIP Implementation Overview and PCoIP Tuning Best Practices

  • Speaker – Chuck Hirstius, PSO, WW Advanced Services, VMware
  • How to optimize PCoIP for different types of workloads
  • How to optimize for LAN, mobile and remote users
  • Bandwidth requirements

Automating View 4.5 with Powershell

  • Speaker – Tom Elliot, Sr. MTS, Enterprise Desktop, VMware
  • Introduction to View PowerCLI
  • Setting up an environment and basic tasks
  • Creating your own scripts
  • Integrating with vSphere

Leveraging Security Server for PCoIP

  • Speaker – Mark Benson, View Architect, Enterprise Desktop, VMware
  • Introduction to Security Server

VMware View’s Reference Architecture

  • Speaker – Mac Binesh, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop, VMware
  • Review of RA for stateless desktops
  • Description of test environment, equipment and lab results

Check the VMware View Community website for more information.

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  • Sven,
    I’m at a lose and thought I would ask a Vmware View question here… I’m looking at using VMware View for my new remote office and a replacement for my office staff desktops as 4.6 is much better then 4.0 since I’m looking at replacing RDP on my desktops and useing View with RDP I find myself needing to install Vmware Client and Agent on the same PC more then once do you know of any workaround to install them on the same PC?


    • Sven Huisman says:

      Hi, I don’t exactly understand what you are trying to do but installing VMware View Client and Agent on the same machine is not supported. If you really need/want this, you could try to install the View agent and virtualize the View Client with ThinApp. It can be done, it’s just not supported.