After the release of the VMware View client for iPad last week, there is now a new VMware application for the iPad: the vSphere client! This client is now available for download at the iTunes Appstore and it’s free of charge!

The only thing you need to have installed is a virtual appliance from VMware:  The vCMA.

Steps to take:

  • download the OVF, import it in VMware vCenter and modify the ip-settings so it has a fixed ip address. An optional step is to create a DNS-record for this appliance. Now that you’ve installed the vCMA, configure your VMware vSphere client for iPad.
  • Once the vCMA virtual appliance powers on, on the home screen of the iPad go to “Settings”, scroll down and tap on “vSphere Client”. Now enter the IP Address of the vCMA virtual appliance in the “Web Server” field.

  • Ensure your iPad has connectivity to the vCMA virtual appliance.  This may entail configuring the iPad’s built-in VPN client.  Consult Apple’s documentation on configuring the built-in VPN client.
  • Launch the vSphere Client for iPad application and enter the host, username and password for the vCenter Server or vSphere Host you wish to connect to.