Today VMworld Europe 2010 really opened and I’ll let you enjoy the same opening as we did first :

It’s the same video as used at VMworld 2010 but it really explaines the cloud in a simple and humourous way; really worth it!

Maurizio Carli opened by telling that the VMworld events keep growing over the years.
Especially if you think about the current economic situation the following numbers are interesting:
2008 – 4500 attendees
2009 – 4700  attendees
2010 – 6000  attendees

Next speaker was Rick Jackson, Chief Marketing Officer

He shows the three stages every customer is going through (like the MS Maturity model):

  1. IT Production
    – CAPEX savings, Server consolidation – 20 to 30% virtualization
    – Customers see that it runs better virtualized
  2. Business Production
    – Achieve Unprecedented Reliability
    – Exchange, Sharepoint, Oracle DB
    – Quality service improvement
  3. IT as a Service
    – Evolve to IT as a Service via Cloud Computing Architecture
    – Improved Flexibilty
    – Improved Responsivenes
    – Business Agility

Where the 3rd fase is where it’s al heading to: IT bringing agility to the business instead of trying to manage and consolidate the IT environment.

My personal note here is that, in my opinion, IT can now become more flexible than the average organization can become in the next couple of years. Bending and transforming your organization towards an organization that can fully embrace and utilize IT as a Service will be a much bigger challenge than transforming IT (technical/architecture) itself. [reactions are welcome]

I really am curious how long it will take for organizations to make that step from phase 1 to phase 3.

Later on Paul Maritz looks forward to the implications of this new scenario:
–          OS is no longer controlling the hardware (windows and linux remove hardware-related instructions)
–          The virtualization layer is emerging (“The New Infrastructure”)
–          Not only server hardware is virtualized and needs to be managed but also Networking, Storage and Security

Networking and Storage is almost commodity but security has to move to logical (virtual) boundries too; firewalls, load balancers, anti virus, they all have to be turned into software (appliances).

All the challenges mentioned aren’t mentioned just like that; off course VMware has or is working on a product / concept for every one of these challenges and I’ll get back to that later.

To make this all readable I’ll stop here and continue with this in my next blog post comming up tomorrow.