As stated earlier is present again with both Sven Huisman as myself Matthijs Haverink.

If unofficially began yesterday with picking up the badges, grabbing something to eat, meeting up with Mike Laverick, Scott Herald, Scott Bennet and some other established names in the VMware Community. Later on a real spontaneous unofficial Dutch VMUG “borrel” by Viktorious (head of the Dutch VMUG):

Credits to Viktor for the pictures .

It off course officially began today with a Super Session with multiple speakers with, among others, Paul Maritz. It was Partner Day so it was basically a session with loads of info about numbers, growth, market shifting and how important we, as partners, are for VMware. All true and usefull but a bit to American for my style. They are great speakers though !

The most important message was that we see IT as a Service in a new stack:

Cloud infrastructure management ( vSphere, vCenter, vCloud Director, vShield)
Cloud application platform (Spring, vFabric, Hyperic)
End-user computing (View, Thinapp, Zimbra)

I think at least 90%, probably all, of the sessions will dive deeper into these products and concepts so you’ll definitely hear more about that.

I personally used today to get some lab time with ThinApp 4.6, View 4.5 and vCloud Director. The last one was interesting; it seems to encapsulate most of the LabManager features but is a brandnew product designed completely for hybrid Cloud Management (Private and Public Clouds); looks like a pretty mature product already!

What I also found impressive was that the labs are all hosted in the cloud (Terramark and Verizon in the states)  and with “only” a 48 mbit line it worked pretty smoothly!

All and all a great start for VMworld and I’m looking forward to the openening KeyNote tomorrow morning !