September 10, 2010 - Sven Huisman

VMware View 4.5 released today!

During VMworld 2010 in San Francisco, VMware announced their latest release of VMware View. Today, VMware View 4.5 is available for download. Lot’s of new features and improvements were added in this release:

  • Windows 7 Support 32/64-Bit
  • Smart Card Support for PCoIP
  • Local Mode Desktop
  • A native Mac Client
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Automated USB Redirection
  • Location based printing
  • Client localization (German, Japanese, French, Simple Chinese)
  • Adobe Flex UI Administrator interface
  • Higher broker scalability
  • Role based delegation
  • SysPrep support for Linked Clone desktop pools
  • Persistent disk management
  • Refresh, Recompose and storage rebalance for non-persistent pools
  • Semi-automatic pools
  • Extensibility with Powershell, SCOM and SDK’s, Event database
  • System Dashboard, User diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • ThinApp entitlement
  • Smart Card revocation
  • Support for vSphere and vCenter version 4.1

Read a review of VMware View 4.5 and ThinApp 4.6 from Mike Laverick. Also read this Optimization guide for Windows 7.

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