December 15, 2009 - Sven Huisman

XenDesktop on VMware VI/vSphere

As I was playing around with XenDesktop 4, I had some trouble connecting the Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller to the vCenter server. And as 95% of Xendesktop deployments are on VMware VI or vSphere, I thought this tip could be useful for you as wel.

What I was asked to do when creating a desktop group was to enter the vCenter Server address in the following format:

https://<vCenter server name>/sdk

(BTW, this address is case sensitive)


The Desktop Delivery Controller only accepts a trusted certificate and by default, that is not the case with vCenter’s SDK website. So you have 3 options:

  • import the certificate that is used with vCenter server on the Desktop Delivery Controller server.
  • Use a trusted certificate.
  • Enable HTTP on the SDK website. 

For test/demo environments you can use the last option, for production I would recommend the second option. Jarian Gibson wrote an article that describes how to do this.

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