My blogging activities were very low last month (close to none actually) and I apologize for that. It must have been because I spend most of the time crying because my co-blogger Matthijs left the company I work for and he decided to work for the competition. Being competitors at the moment, I thought it was a good idea to do a bloggers-battle on What does that mean? Well this month, Matthijs and I will each blog about a product and try to convince each other and the readers that “their” product is the “best product” in it’s category.

Citrix Xendesktop 4 was just released announced * a couple of weeks ago and VMware View 4 will be released this month, so these are the products we will blog about this month. Matthijs will defend/present Citrix Xendesktop 4 and I will do the same for VMware View 4. The blogposts about these products do not always represent our opinion as a consultant. As a consultant, we always choose the product that fits the customer needs.

*I was under the impression that Xendesktop 4 was already released, but the final release of XenDesktop 4 will be generally available on November 16, 2009, just like VMware View 4!


Topics we will discuss this month are:
– Why do the vendors think their product is better than their competitor’s product?
– What are the similarities and differences between the two products?
– Display protocol differences?
– TCO/ROI differences?
– Test-results comparison
– Managing the virtual desktop infrastructure

We will also use Twitter to promote this bloggers-battle (search for keyword #VFBattle) and all of your input is more then welcome. In fact, if you already have posts about these products, please let us know (@svenh or @vf_matt). A battle should have a winner, but how do we decide who wins this blogger-battle? Although we are trying to convince each other, you decide who wins. We are holding a poll to create a baseline of which product the readers prefer based on what they know before the bloggers-battle. At the end of this month, we take another poll and the winner of this bloggers-battle is the one who gains the mosts votes (%).

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I wish Matthijs the best of luck this month and I hope you will all enjoy this battle.