Citrix_logoThe on-line community of end-users, partners, bloggers and enthusiasts is growing and today we see an amazing example of what such a community can do. Just last week Citrix announced Citrix XenDesktop 4 and the new licensing model , and it wasn’t pretty: it was a per named-user desktop licensing structure which would drive up the costs for loads of (potential) customers.

The on-line community  was trembling with comments from every possible angle on the new licensing structure. Citrix realized this instantly and quickly created a poll where people could let Citrix know how the thought about the new licensing model, accompanied by some other (useless) questions. But Citrix was not planning on revealing the results of this poll. This is something that triggered Brian Madden to create exactly

the same poll, only he announced to make those results public. The results were, as to be expected, very negative towards the new licensing structure. Now I do not value this poll by Brian very highly since he first wrote an article stating his opinion about the licensing structure, and later-on he published the poll where readers could post their opinion. This does compromise the quality of the poll itself when you ask me, but that’s just a side note. The entire community reacted fiercely on the licensing model and with result ! 

Today Citrix announced to improve the Citrix XenDesktop licensing structure including options for device-based licensing and concurrent user-based licensing.

I say; Power To The Community !