Just some notes about VMworld. I’m also working on a couple of other blogposts, but they take more time then I expected. VMworld was again a great experience for me. I was able to talk a lot of people (people I’ve met at previous VMworld conferences or people I follow on twitter), check out new/other vendors on the solution exchange, attend interesting sessions and get some hands-on experience on products I haven’t had the chance before. And off course, I found out at VMworld I passed my VCP4 beta exam!

BTW: I had a comment the other day about the long lines of people waiting for sessions and labs. Well, it wasn’t a real problem at all. First of all, it seems like everyone could eventually get into the session he wanted to (registered or not). Secondly, I don’t understand all those people waiting half an hour before the start of the session when you can just walk in 5 minutes before the session starts. As a matter of fact, I just did the SRM advanced options lab, and there were plenty of seats available.

Here are some interesting things I’ve seen:

– vCloud providers (terremark)

– VMware View: PCoIP software solution
Software PCoIP in View will be released later this year. The good thing is, you  can combine software and hardware PCoIP so you can give each type of user the right solution for their needs. Also Wyse demonstrated the iPhone View connection.

– Client Virtualization Platform (CVP)
Run a bare-metal hypervisor on a client with management through Intel vPro. I’m really curious how this will integrate with VMware View: will the VM hosted in the datacenter be automatically synchronized with the VM on your local client? How will this be licensed? Because what I do know that CVP will not be a product you can buy stand-alone, it will be part of VMware View.

Integration of storage management into vCenter
– HP and NetApp already showed great integration of monitoring and configuring hardware integrated into the vCenter server interface. Maybe there are already other vendors, but the  fact that you can control and manage your complete Virtual Infrastructure (both hardware and software) is really cool.

Cisco UCS
– Cisco really impressed me with their UCS solution: a blade chassis designed for virtualization.

Other (future promises of) vSphere(-related) news:

And really future-future talk: Follow the sun vs Follow the moon

In other words: Datacenter VMotion! Imagine a company with offices in USA and Europe. If you want your datacenter to be closest to your users, your Datacenter will vmotion from the datacenter in Europe to the datacenter in the USA (follow the sun). If you want your Datacenter to be in the place when the energy-price are the lowest (during night-times) you vmotion the Datacenter… well… at night (follow the moon).