Finally we are ready to release the updated release of the Application Virtualization comparison chart! In this release we’ve updated all the products to the latest version and we’ve added test-results of application launch-times. We didn’t want the document to contain a lot of text describing what application virtualization is, all the ins and outs of every product in the  chart and the complete test-setup and how the tests were performed. We wanted the document to be as short as possible, easy to understand the differences between the solutions and a quick overview what the differences are in launch-times. To get fair results for the launch-times, we took the system requirements of each product into consideration and we made sure that the tests were performed under the same circumstances and that each system got enough resources available.

If you have any questions about this chart, don’t hesistate to comment on this blogpost or sent us an e-mail. In an upcoming update of this chart, we are considering adding other application virtualization  solutions as well.

So download the Application Virtualization comparison chart September 2009 (pdf) and feel free to give us any feedback.