August 18, 2009 - Matthijs Haverink

“VMware bashing part 3”, by Microsoft

microsoft_bash_vmwareYesterday the third part of the “Hypervisor Footprint Debate” appeared on the Windows Virtualization Team Blog. As a consultant I’m supposed to be unbiased concerning vendors or products. “It depends” is our slogan :). Therefore I’m always considering Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer along VMware VI3/VS4 when it comes to hardware virtaulization and therefore I’m regularly checking the WVT-blog.

But the way Microsoft is using this blog to trash VMware is sad. Sure they’ve got a point here and there, and I do encourage you to read the post, they do have some points that cut wood. But the almost childish way of going on-and-on-and-on about the flawed VMware ESXi 3.5 Update 2 and all the “horrible results”, is really annoying. Thereby the writer, Jeff Woolsey, says that the last comparison wasn’t apples and apples but then makes a new comparison that doesn’t even compare an apple to any fruit, what so ever… So when you ask me it’s just another cheap VMware trashing post …

I can give you a multi-page review on the blog-post but I say; read it yourself.

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  • David says:


    There are interesting posts and then there are really boring bashing posts which is what Jeff has put up in the last two posts. As you say you have to keep an open mind, but his post just turns me fof the product more.

    I say they shoudl all get over the FUD and mellow drama around disk foot prints etc and get onto the content we want to see.