Anyone with any interest in Virtualization has his or her personal reason to (want to) go to VMworld this year in San Fransisco. Unfortunately, the current economic situation, and a lot of companies cutting budget and even laying of employees, doesn’t allow a lot of people to actually go to this great event. Whether you are a system engineer who’s just starting to learn about virtualization, or a more experienced engineer, a consultant, maybe an IT manager or a sales manager or even a financial officer. You all can benefit from attending VMworld. But in the end, somewhere down the line, the guy who’s deciding if you can go or not, wants to know what’s in it for him and/or his company? “What’s the return on investment of you going to VMworld?”

And my answer is, as a good consultant ;-), it depends…

If you sit back during sessions and passively consume the information, you might as well get a subscription of the VMworld sessions. It’s a lot cheaper and it saves you a trip to San Fransisco.

But if you are actively networking with other attendees, IT-professionals, VMware employees, share thoughts and experiences, attend labs, pick out the right sessions and talk to vendors on the solution exchange, you are definitely going home with a lot of ideas and (other peoples) experiences so you can say to your manager:

– “If we change the design this way, we can save more money on hardware, energy, rackspace, etc”
– “We bether use product X to get our business critical applications a higher uptime”
– “We should go for vendor B with our project because they have advantages Y and Z and it saves us $$ in X years time”
– “I’ve talked to several other companies and they had the same problem but they solved it by using product D this and this way.”
– “The problem we had with the HBA in our servers is solved. The VMware engineer logged in remotely and fixed it for us” (actually happens!)

I’ve attended VMworld a couple of times know and the interaction you get with other attendees, IT-professionals, VMware employees and on the solutions exchange is really priceless!

Hope to interact with you during VMworld this year!