Today I had the opportunity to take the VCP 4 beta exam. 270 questions in 4,5 hours.  When I was finished I still had more than 1 hour left and I even took a 10 minute break in between. After I finished I decided to review all the questions, trying to remember the question I wasn’t sure about. Just in case I fail and have to retake the test. 🙂

What did I do to prepare for this exam? Well, I’ve been playing with vSphere for a couple of months now, not intensively and just 1 whitebox server. Last month, I attended the What’s new training. After that, I went on a holiday.  When I got back, I hadn’t received an invitation to the beta exam yet, so I sent VMware an e-mail. I got the invitation 2 days after that, so I registered for the exam. Unfortunately, this week was the final chance to take the beta exam, so with only 2 nights of preparations and a bad sleep last night, I took the exam today. I must say, it was a great opportunity to test my knowledge and too see on which items I need to study more. And now I know.

I still feel there is a chance I still might pass this exam. Like Eric Sloof said: only 35% is vSphere related, so the rest is experience and/or similar to the previous version and/or other VMware product related. And if I don’t pass, I just have to take it again in San Fransisco 😉