June 15, 2009 - Sven Huisman

Long distance VMotion??

You might already know by now that the session catalog for VMWorld 2009 is online. Some interesting sessions caught my attention. Here are some of them:

Long distance VMotion

We will discuss best practices for setting up VMotion domains over long distances using existing hardware technology and VMware vSphere product. Will cover specific configurations that have been tried and known to work well. Will present use cases that solve practical problems. Will also discuss upcoming technologies that can help overcome limitations in the existing solutions and enable a wider range of applications.

Long distance VMotion was mentioned during VMWorld 2009 Europe last February in Cannes. It seems that there already some companies actively using this technology.

Tech Preview: Storage Virtual Appliances and VMFS-4

This Tech Preview session will provide a technical overview of storage virtual appliances for VMware environments and a look at what will be provided in VMFS-4

I’m looking forward to see what’s VMFS-4 will bring us.

Introduction to “Redwood

VMware will be releasing and end-to-end solution for setting up internal and external clouds. In this session, product management will drill into the specifics of that offering. The first half of this presentation will introduce the scope and composition of the release; the second half will dive into specific technologies behind the cloud.

Another product to add to the list of VMware products.

And of course, there will be a lot of sessions regaring vSphere.

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