VMware vSphere 4 Partner Training

With your VMware Partner account, login to Partner Central and select the
“Partner University” tab for all your vSphere training. 

If you are already VSP and VTSP for VI3, you can simply follow the upgrade path.

Upgrading from VSP 3 (total 1,5 hours):
– Products overview
– Solutions overview
– VMware pricing & licensing 

Per course you can do the exam with 20 questions each.

Upgrading from VTSP3 (total 4 hours):
– Architecture/Upgrade/Migration
– Infrastructure Administration
– Network
– Storage
– Inventory management

After this online course, you can do the exam with 40 questions.

New participants must follow the complete course: 4 hours for VSP training and 7 hours for VTSP training.

I found this upgrade very useful in order to understand the basics of selling VMware vSphere 4.

Good luck!