May 5, 2009 - Matthijs Haverink

Synergy First Day impression

Yesterday after a 15 hour flight and a lot of waiting in Houston we’ve arrived at the Las Vegas airport. Got our selves a cab to the MGM grand where all is going down. Registration is very quiet a 6:30 am (off course), got myself the goody bag and casino money coupons and left 🙂 Oh by the way it was very thoughfull of Citrix to add an additional cord to the badge whch states your Citrix Status… This allow me to join the CCIA happy hour which I will attend today.

What is the biggest issue of America? Everything is bigger than anywhere else in the world which means I walk at least 8km a day from my Hotel room / Casino (MGM Grand) to the conference room  (MGM Grand) and back. At least now I can explain to you why it’s called MGM GRAND.

MGM Grand

Read more for a summary of the day.

2 Hours later after loosing all my money sessions were starting, First session we’ve attended was a commercial session regarding TCO and ROI for Xendesktop (Summit113). I will post a summary of this meeting in a minute. By the way I went here with my colleague Jan de Waal who holds a commercial function within our company, which explains a bit why I’m not only attending technical sessions.

After this interesting session I went to a technical session regarding Xendesktop 3 architecture and design session (TECH301). This session was unfortunately not a real eye opener. But anyway nice to see.

Next was lunch (everything in US is bigger better strong faster, so no complaints here 🙂 ) After the lunch I attended the Hands-on-lab (SummitLL706). I usually never attend hands-on-labs, just because they take to much time which will not allow me to attend other interesting sessions. But this year I had to attend a hands-on-lab regarding Workflow studio. I’ve been struggeling a lot with the just released version of Workflow studio as there are so many options.  This tool completes the intended Citrix Delivery Center and it sure does. I will share my findings in another post later on.

Last session we attended was the most interesting (Sorry Sven) “Citrix Xenserver: Winning competitive server virtualisation deals against VMware”.  Before my head is shot off I would like to remind you this is a “sales” track and it doesn’t tell us VMware is a lousy product at all 🙂 But the title of the track made me curious and didn’t dissappoint at all. Although many of the comparission are open doors, it was interesting to see how Citrix intends to position it’s product in the market.

For today the Summit  ended yesterday so today we will attend sessions from the Virtualisation Congress, take a walk to the expo hall and iForum sessions. It’s going to be a busy day and I’ll try to work with the video flip (Thanks to Sven) to make a video with an impression of what I’ve described earlier.

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