May 12, 2009 - Matthijs Haverink

Citrix Synergy 2009 announcement Summary

After a brilliant week in Vegas I took the time to read over my notes and get you a summary of all announcements made on Citrix Synergy 2009. Up front it didn’t seem to be an event of big announcements but this turned out different. I thought they would only release the new Citrix Receiver for the Iphone (Which they did), but below you’ll find a summary of all newly announced products and upgrades.


First of all Citrix Announced the release of Dazlle in the second half of 2009. This cool product will be a webbased self service center to be used with XenApp and XenDesktop and allow the users to access and add applications on a “Itunes” way.

Second big announcement is the release of the Netscaler VPX again in the second half of 2009 (tech preview will be released on the 18th of may). Netscaler VPX is a netscaler based on a Xen Virtual Appliance which will take scalability and sizing to the next level. Oh and it will be free! Citrix has put a $10.000 award on an interesting and new way to make use of this Netscaler VPX. This way they want to improve the functionality of the netscaler even more. This takes development to a new level.


Third big announcement is the Citrix Receiver. And not only for the Iphone. All the old clients will be replaced by only one single client the “Citrix Receiver”. It doens’t matter if you’ll be working on a fat client, thin client, mobile device or XenDesktop all will be provided with the same receiver.

Xenserver 5.5 will be released soon with a couple of add-ons in the “free” enterprise class. These will be the following add-ons:

– Consolidated Backup (Speaks for itself)

– Enhanced Search and Reporting (Speaks for itself)

– Integration with enterprise products like Active Directory (Finally! Though they listen well at Citrix)

– New Guest Support (Ok)

Than a new version of Citrix Essentials 5.5 for XenServer and Hyper-V will be released as well. This is what makes the enterprise class complete.

– Dynamic Workload Management (This is like DRS within ESX)

– Expanded Storage integration (StorageLink -> And this is really cool, this will provide native storage performance because it separates the storage from the hypervisor. Citrix even announced a new Open Storage Program on which storage providers can certify their product Xenserver or Hyper-V ready. ) 


Citrix also announced Citrix Labmanager (I wonder who came up with this term :)). Citrix Labmanager will be the web based shell around Xenserver it provides the opportunity to centrally manage and automate Processes and Procedures. And will allow local administrators to manage only their systems or even one step further an application owner only his/her own server.  

And last but not leased Citrix announced they are developing a XenClient (in cooperation with Intel) embedded within the Intel Xeon 5500 Chip.  This will take a “thin” client to the next level because you’ll be able to run separate workspaces on one machine and they told us the performance was stunning. Can’t wait to get one of these into my hands.

As you can see Citrix is working on getting stuff to work together they have a vision of 1 delivery center on a very high level and in my opinion with the upcoming changes their a few steps closer of achieving their goal.

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