You probably noticed because the blogoshpere is full of it but we can’t let this event unmentioned : VMware unveiled the successor to the VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 suite : VMware vSphere 4. Just to be clear this is the name of the suite, not just “ESX 4”.

Interesting to see is that the various editions of vSphere that will become available. Check them out here : . 

VMware vSphere products will be available for sale on May the 21st 2009, until then you can still buy VMware Infrastructure 3 products (dunno why you would but anyway).

Check out the official press release including product and pricing information here [].

We could put a lot of info in this post but lots of people have done that already so I thought I would provide you with a link to an article on Yellow-Bricks where Duncan is keeping a nice list of published articles.