Off-course today VirtualFuture attended Day 1 of VMworld Europe 2009 @ Cannes and we decided to share with you our moments:

Worst and best magic trick of the day 

You’re witnessing the Veeam Magician in action here. A bit unfair we’re showing a trick gone wrong because the past couple of days he’s entertaining us with amazing tricks !

Booth babe of the day

**Blogger of the day
** Paul Shannon of : man, does this guy blog or what : 8 articles on Day 1 and all of them tell something interesting, great work Paul ! 

**Funniest Frenchman of the day
** Mr. Alan Renouf from Virtu-Al is probably very proud to be crowned Funiest Frenchman. Off-course this is a title that can’t be won easily but he earned this by actively confusing everybody by giving them stickers or even t-shirts which state : “@alanrenouf is english”.

**Hands-on lab of the day
** The Cisco Nexus 1000V lab, click here for details.

**Party of the day
** It was hard to get in, but we were glad we made it: VMware Benelux party. 

**Goodie of the day
** Not actually a goodie, but I “won” a copy of the book from Steve Beaver by TripWire, nice !