February 18, 2009 - Sven Huisman

VMworld Europe 2009: setting goals

As I’m preparing for VMworld Europe 2009 I’m trying to get a good schedule of interesting sessions. There are going to be a lot of good sessions, but some seem to be a copy of a session I attended at VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas. VMworld 2008 was the first time I blogged at for Virtualfuture.info. This time, I’m going to do it slightly different and try to blog more about less topics. The primary topic I will blog about will be Virtual Desktop-related (VDI, Virtual Applications, Desktop management).  Besides that, I will blog about future-product related topics, like the upcoming next version of VI/ESX. Here are some of the sessions I have on my personal list:

VMware Protocol Directions: Remote User Experience
This session will discuss the directions for VMware View in terms of remote desktop experience. The session will cover our partner solutions as well as a deep dive into the PCoIP solution to developed between VMware and Teradici.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Adoption & Implications
Few technologies in recent memory have made as much of an impact on IT infrastructure and processes as server virtualization. The benefits of virtualization, however, can extend well beyond physical server environments and as such, it is critical that businesses consider the impact of this “game-changing” technology across the entire IT infrastructure. 

VMware View Reference Architecture: Building Large and Small
This session will cover the VMware View Reference Architecture. This session will be backed by a recently published Reference Architecture document for customers looking to move to large scale VDI.

Breaking Down Desktop and Application Virtualization Alternatives
Numerous methods exist for delivering applications to endpoint devices today: virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), application streaming, presentation virtualization, and hybrid approaches. The session breaks down the use cases that drive client virtualization choices and highlights future developments such as desktop hypervisors that will likely impact long term client virtualization architectures.

VMware ESX and Future Architectural Directions
This session will describe architectural changes for VMware in the future and how they will impact customers and partners. These changes include a 64-bit kernel for better performance, support for larger physical machines, and support for more virtual machines; security features and a new Console OS.

Matthijs Haverink will join me in Cannes and we will be blogging, photographing, filming, interviewing and have a lot of fun.  See you there!

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