February 16, 2009 - Sven Huisman

VMworld Europe 2009 Preview

Richard Garsthagen, the organizer of VMworld Europe, has given a preview on www.vmworld.com of the biggest virtualization in Europe:

It will be a challenge to pick what sessions you want to go see as there will be around 140 sessions and 13 labs to choice from. A good start might be *+“DC14 – Overview of 2009 VMware datacenter products”+* and “DC07 – Tech Preview: vCenter Server”.
We have reserved the Thursday afternoon for all the top scored sessions from
the previous 2 ½ days to give you a second chance to go see them, in case you
missed them.

The hands-on labs this year will also have many new interesting topics. You will be able to get your hands-on the upcoming Cisco Nexus 1000v (LAB12), explore the next generation of datacenter software (LAB01) and have a first look at a VMsafe application from Altor Networks in the form of a virtual firewall (LAB13). All the labs will be self-paced and a large crew of VMware Lab Staff will be there to help you to guide yourself through these labs. As they are self-paced, you can come to the hands-on labs any time you like and spend as much or little
time you have. If there is no available terminal for you, we can even allow a certain amount of ‘bring-your-own-machine’ to create even more capacity and in case you have a funky keyboard like the Belgiums do, you can work with what you are used to.

Matthijs and I will be doing live (video-)blogging at VMworld Europe this year, so expect lots of content on VirtualFuture.info!

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