February 10, 2009 - Matthijs Haverink

Released : Scense 6 !

Today Scense version 6 is released. For those who don’t know Scense yet : it acts in the same area as RES PowerFuse: it makes application delivery and desktop management a whole lot easier.

The power of Scense is that they’re making every process as simple as possible. Scense is already well-known by their Full Session Control. This means that Scense has defined 9 moments where you can control your users session, where in a traditional environment you only have 2 : @logon and @logoff.

One of the cool new features is Scense Easy Delivery. Distributing an MSI to a usergroup for example is done as easy as “Select package”, “Select usergroup”, “click OK”. See for yourself here : http://www.scense.nl/Products/Movies.aspx (first movie).

One of the advantages of Scense is that you configure the application delivery once and you’ve got it available for the user everywhere (Physical desktop, TS/Citrix-session or in a VDI-session). Some of the most important improvements:

  • Scense Easy Delivery : as mentioned above.
  • Full Microsoft App-V integration : deliver App-V virtualized apps as easy as an MSI package.
  • Global File Type Associations : Centrally manage all filetype associations in every situation.
  • Connectivity : Allows the administrator to analyze the users environment indepth

Check the full releasenotes at : http://www.scense.nl/Products/Releasenotes%206.aspx

Check all the movies concerning new features at : http://www.scense.nl/Products/Movies.aspx

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