Just like last time Microsoft and Citrix will be present this year with a booth at VMworld in Cannes. Lately Microsoft as well as Citrix have been spreading some pretty interesting news to attract visitors to their booth and to their products in general:

Citrix presents first-ever demo of bare-metal client hypervisor.

Citrix will officially announce free XenServer 5 Enterprise Edition.

Citrix and Microsoft will support eachothers hypervisors with Citrix Essentials and Microsoft System Center.

Red Hat & Microsoft Partner up (official support for Red Hat on Hyper-V).

Microsoft demos App-V 4.5, Med-V 1.0 (kidaro), Hyper-V Live Migration and more.

So I’ll definitly check the booths out. Curious too ? You can find them here:
Citrix @ booth #107
Microsoft @ booth #133

So I’ll be seeing you in Cannes! Oh, and if you’re not there: you’ll be seeing us here on VirtualFuture.Info blogging live!