January 20, 2009 - Sven Huisman

Thinapp and licensing

Today I had a conversation with Gabrie from gabesvirtualworld.com about licensing Thinapped applications. He has a couple of tools that he Thinapped and he would like to share these tools (VI-client for example). Unfortunately he can’t do that because of the licensing Thinapp uses. The license of Thinapp is actually build into the executable Thinapp creates at buildtime of an application. Every endpoint needs a Thinapp license to run Thinapped applications.

It would be nice if there was an option to enter a license at first-run of an application, Gabrie suggests. Where would the license be stored then? In the user’s sandbox? In the HKCU registry hive? And would this mean a user must do this with all applications at first-run or once per machine (HKLM)? This would take away the “installfree”-feature of Thinapp. I would rather suggest a “freeware”-license to distribute Thinapped software that is free, like the VI-Client or Veeam’s FastSCP. Someone would still need the Thinapp-suite license to actually Thinapp (build) the freeware software.

I was also wondering if Thindownload.com was legally distributing Thinapped applications on their site? I guess not…

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