VMware will name the next release for their Virtual Infrastructure product VMware vSphere. At least that’s what Jason Boche says on his blog. VMware has not announced this publicly yet.

I knew that VMware was working on a new name for the next release of VI4 and that employees of VMware where able to vote for a name. So if you don’t like it, you have to blame them :-).

I’m kind of sad for all the bloggers, another name change. Citrix does this at least once a year (Metaframe to Presentation server to XenApp) and Microsoft also does this once in a while (Softgrid to App-V). Does this mean we as bloggers have to add tags to all other related posts or else google can’t find us? And for how long do we have to add the old name as a tag to new posts related to the old version? And why change the name at all? Scott Lowe has a good respond to that as a comment on his own article.