Last Friday the VirtualFuture crew (Sven Huisman, Johan van Zanten and I, Matthijs Haverink) visited the Dutch VMUG event. The event was crowded and useful. Almost 600 attendees and a couple of very interesting speakers made this event to a great success, in my eyes.

Richard Garsthagen, Senior VMware Evangelist, Blogger and also organiser of the VMWorld Europe 2009 event in Cannes, opened the event with a very inspiring keynote session. Later on, not as Evangalist but as a blogger/developer he presented an interesting session where he showed a lot of interesting free tools to help managing a VI3 environment. Some tools where created by himself, but most of them created by the active community.

We decided to interview Richard and check with him how he experienced the event and off course tried to make him reveal some more details around the VMworld event in Cannes and I think with success.

One of the things Richard mentions is that there will be around 150 break-out sessions and you won’t have to presign-up. If sessions are popular they will be repeated. Check the video below for the entire interview.