October 22, 2008 - Johan

Veeam released their Reporter Enterprise 3.0

Veeam, known of their freeware FastSCP program to copy files to ESX servers, has released the third version of their Veeam Reporter Enterprise.

This is part of the mail I received from Veeam:

The beta is over … the first reporting solution specifically designed for documentation and change management in large VMware Infrastructure 3 environments is now generally available.

 Features include:
  • Unattended data collection & ad hoc reporting
  • Change management support
  • Help for “VM sprawl”
  • Client/server architecture with SQL Server backend 
  • And more here

As I read over these features and I think of the new features I heard from VMware and their new to be version of the Datacentre OS it will get rough on Veeam. But for all the current VI3 implementations it will be a great add-on.

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  • If you take a look at new-to come vClient, you will only see the ‘export to png’ and ‘export to pdf’ in ‘Maps’ that was greatly improved. And you cannot schedule the report collection, anyway, so the VM sprawl is still the issue you cannot detect well.

    I remind you that Veeam’s product are available for evaluation widely, and you only have to download the product to try it for free for 30 days on up to 16 sockets throughout the environment you have.

    I encourage you to take a closer look at Reporter Enterprise, and follow up with your decision on its functionality afterwards 😉