EverRun VM 4.0.2 is shipped to day, which provides compatibility with XenServer 5.0. The Marathon corporate website has also been updated for customers downloading 30-day evaluations and single host trial edition evaluations.

The Xen HA feature that is available with XenServer 5.0 has not been integrated into 4.0.2. If Xen HA is enabled before or after everRun VM 4.0.2 is installed, it will automatically be disabled. everRun VM 4.1 is due to release on December 3rd and it will fully integrate and support Xen HA. Users who require both Xen HA and everRun VM have two options. They can deploy 4.0.2 now for fault tolerant VMs and upgrade to everRun VM 4.1 in December for Xen HA support. Or they can delay deployment until December 3rd when everRun VM 4.1 will be available.

As this everRun VM release is not providing new features other than compatibility with XenServer 5.0, upgrades from existing everRun VM 4.0.x releases are not supported. New deployments should be performed using everRun VM 4.0.2. Existing deployments must wait until December 3 to upgrade to XenServer 5.0 and everRun VM 4.1 to take advantage of the many new features in that everRun release.