Last week InstallFree released a new version of their application virtualization product called: Installfree Bridge. This version (1.5) fixes some bugs and has also some new features. The bridge is now fully supported on Vista for example. Here is the complete list of new features:

  1. Server 2008 – IFMC supports server 2008.
  2. Vista support – InstallFree Bridge can be run on Vista OS.
  3. IFMC Access Management – Provides an authentication and authorization layer to IFMC.
  4. Computers Management – Administrator can assign applications to Computers (in addition to users, SGs and OUs).
  5. File Association Management – file association management provides a way to control file extensions and the virtual or non-virtual application that will be associated with them.
  6. New IFMC Folders Structure – folders structure was changed to include the System and Reports containers.
  7. Bridge auto run – The Bridge agent can be configured to run automatically even if the host computer is offline by using Windows’ Startup folder. This feature is extremely useful for laptop scenarios.
  8. Simplified setup – IFMC automatically connects to the domain’s Active Directory and the File Server which hosts the IFMC and the entire InstallFree folder.
  9. Apps.cfg Encryption – Aps.cfg file (Bridge configuration file) automatically encrypted using the logged-on user’s username as part of the encryption key. This prevents users from altering the cfg file or moving it between users.

If you haven’t seen anything from InstallFree before, here is a nice video of how it works: