October 3, 2008 - Matthijs Haverink

Cloud Hyping?

Wow there’s a new buzz word in the IT world. Virtualization isn’t hot anymore, everybody knows what it does and everybody knows how to use it with the single products. And most of us know how to combine several virtualization products and create a super flexibel and redundant environment. Great but virtualization isn’t flashy anymore. So let’s give it a new name and call a combination of products Cloud Computing.

Question: What is so very different about Cloud Computing?

Two years ago we started with installing Citrix Presenation Servers on an VmWare ESX2.5 environment. We called it “best of breeds”, the best Application virtualization tool with the best Hardware virtualization tool. All sceptics called us “stupid” at best, because a physical Presentation server could host a lot more users etc etc. And of course as always the sceptics were right in most of the situations we were not able to host more users on an esx server. But customers were happy with a virtual Citrix server, because they could plan downtime fo hardware maintenance, could easily add resources and could easily scale up.  

Technology improves with the time (luckily for us) and thus now the time combinations of Virtualization products are unlimited. Every virtualization provider try’s to keep up with the competetion and creates a similar product. For example VmWare buys Thinstall to gather a proven application virtualization technology and Citrix buys Xensource to gather a hypervisor.  And microsoft…. as always try’s to keep up but has the profit with almost every solution. Now the combination of products to create the ealier flexibel and redundant environment can be created by products of one vendor.

Result: “Cloud Computing”

for exampe this is the drawing of the Citrix Cloud Center (C3) from the Citrix Website:

Citrix Cloud Center

Citrix Cloud Center

And this is the competition from Virtual Datacenter OS VmWare:

VmWare Cloud Diagram

VmWare Cloud Diagram

Cool Huh. Almost the same. We bundle resources and provide them dynamically and automatically. And of course everything is becoming bigger, better, stronger and faster.

Answer: Nothing. We can still proceed doing the things we are doing for several years now. Please the customer with the best combination of products.

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