Citrix has released the new edition of XENServer. This version mainly focusses on High Availabilty and takes this to a new level! As told before in earlier posts Citrix has partnered up with Marathon and created a super High Available infrastructure. This infrastructure is able to create a XenApp environment that is so high available that when a physical server which hosts a virtual XenApp server dies, another server takes over the virtual machine without users losing sessions and even worse their work. There’s a very cool interview with the “Hypervisor Guru” Simon Crosby on the citrix website in which he explains the new features and high availabilty options.

With the realease of the XENServer 5.0 a new version of XENCenter is released aswell. In the first version of XENcenter a lot of small issues made the management a lot more complicated than for example in Virtual Center. With the new release of XENcenter a big step forward is made. Later on this month I’ll publish a review of XENCenter 5.0 on this Blog.