Last week I’ve been testing with the new version of XenApp (Formerly known as Presentation Server). First thing that different from the Technical Preview was the ease of installation on a Windows Server 2008. All components (except for Sun Java) install automatically. Next thing that’s a big difference is the occurance of the Web Interface, Black, very Black and very good looking.

Citrix WI Login

I’ve created a dual mode streaming site to be able to test the new Isolation 3.0 features. Best improvement is the ability to link application profiles to each other. This way I don’t have to install Microsoft Office on all my Citrix Servers. I’ve linked my office profile to my visio profile and to my amazement I was able to create a visio object in my word document in a very smooth and quick way.

One point of comment is still the presense of two management consoles. I still have to create my policy’s in the XenApp Advanced Administration Console. Although these are settings that don’t change very often it would be nice if they were integrated in the Advanced Management Console aswell. Another point of comment is the installation procedure on a Windows Server 2003. First install XenApp 4.5 and then Upgrade? Weird!!!!

Further on XenApp 5.0 is pretty much the same as XenApp (Presentation Server) 4.5.  A short list of first impression changes is:

– Change of the Web Interface theme

– Support for Windows 2008 Server

– Linking Streamed Profiles

– Preferential Load Balancing (with two servers wasn’t it a very impressive test 🙂 )

In the Platinum edition the new version of Edgesight is included aswell, the interface of this product has had a facelift aswell. This makes the tool more organised and easier to work with.

When I’ve worked with XenApp 5 in a bigger environment I’ll write a review of the product and can tell you more about perfomance in a live environment.