It really comes close now, what I mean is VMworld is really getting close and the expectations are growing, at least as far as I’m concerned. We landed in Las Vegas last friday after a long flight, did a walk up and down the strip, walked through several casino’s and we were overwhelmed by the shear over the topness of Las Vegas. Every thing is so out of bounds. We did a check on the Venetian, which seems larger than expected.

For everyone who is coming to the convention you can spot us through our polo’s we are wearing, mentioned in an earlier blog by Sven. We are going to hand over the prize winning shirts to Tim for his “You Never Forget your first P2V” and  Scott for his “Be Wiser, use a Hypervisor” our fellow blogger Matthijs will hand over the polo to Rob for his “Real Men use Real Hypervisors”. If you spot and approach us you might get your very own polo with the VirtualFuture logo on it (we have a few extra).Polos