7:50 – Ready at the blogging table

8:07 – Stephen Herrod starts his keynote.

Stephen Herrod is responsible for VMware’s new technologies.

8:22 – until now, haven’t heard any new stuff. Just a recap of the last 2 days from VMWorld. 

8:25 – We get a Fault Tolerance demo.

8:38 – B-Hive is rebranded as Appspeed. A live-demo is shown. Pretty impressive. This monitors performance at application-level and dynamically adds servers or resources. You can also see what is causing problems like latency. -> Selfhealing datacenter

8.45 – Virtual Center rebranded as vCenter. vCenter Accessibility. Linux based vCenter virtual appliance will be available. Multi platform vCenter Client (mobile devices for example) will also be available.

8:56 – Evolution from VDI to VMware View.

Client virtualization goes bare metal! In the future, VMware will bring a bare metal client virtualization solution to the desktop.

9:01 – VMware View manager and View composer demonstration. How to deploy 25 virtual desktops very fast with linked clones. Client hypervisor is also demonstrated (the bootable VDM client Paul showed yesterday). IMPRESSIVE!

9:11 – Steve is wrapping up the session.