Unfortunately, live-blogging was not possible during the  general session. The wireless connection was very bad, and they forgot to put tables with wired internet access for the bloggers. A little late, but better than never, here are my quick thoughts on thee keynote speech that Paul Maritz gave:

Of course, Paul explained how the new Virtual Datacenter OS will change the way the datacenters are managed and virtualized. It will be a self-healing, self-managing datacenter and to accomplish this Paul explained what products fits in where, like different management vServices, Application vServices and cloud vServices. A lot of these new features are further explained in different session at VMWorld, so expect to read lot’s of new info on the web.

What I liked the most from the keynote was what we can expect from VDI in the near future. VDI is going to change to VMware View. VMware View is going to be the umbrella for all the VDI products. What they showed on stage was different type of clients connecting to their desktops different ways. So you have the thinclient which can connect with the VDM client, you have the laptop, which can connect with the VDM client (which can also download the desktop locally to use it offline Check yellow-bricks for a lot of information on this.