Other sessions I attended today showed me a lot of new features. There was one session called:

Sneak peak into future virtual infrastructure Products / Releases

This session was packed! Every seat was taken and there were lot’s of people standing. The woman who presented was Leena Joshi (sr Product marketing manager). There were so many new features that she had to talk very fast to fit all the slides in 45 minutes (she didn’t make it). I couldn’t keep up with her writing it all down, so I took some pictures. Johan and I will explain more about these new features later this week.

Foto1 Foto2 Foto3 Foto4 Foto5 Foto6

I also did the Virtual Desktop preview lab with Johan. This was a preview of the new features of VDM 3.0 release (coming this year!). I was really impressed, especially the offline VDI technology and the SVI. Johan will deep dive about this lab tomorrow morning.

Update: Mike Laverick from RTFM-ed.co.uk posted links to video’s of key new features of VI4.0. Excelent work, Mike! Those video’s sure beats my pics.