Today VMWorld 2008 started off with partner day. The first session I attended was the EMEA regional session. It is definitely noticeable there is a new wind blowing through VMware. They are changing a lot of things marketing-wise. I guess that’s the influence of Paul Maritz. As a former Microsoft-guy, he knows how marketing is done.

The second session was the General Partner session for EMEA. Paul Maritz gave his keynote, and it was good to finally see the new CEO live in action. He had a very clear story. I’m confident this guy is going to lead VMware to the next level.

Talking about the next level, VMware is really going to take the datacenter to the next level! VMware announced the Virtual Datacenter OS, extending the virtual infrastructure. You can read all about it on the VMware site. A lot of new features are already anounced. I hope to get more info on this during VMWorld.

By the way: I have found my “headshot” right above the virtual plaza (next to the registration area). Pretty cool, but why am I wearing pink?


Until now, the word “cloud” is used a lot. I’m wondering if the they know in Vegas what a real cloud looks like, I haven’t seen one yet.

PS: liveblogging was hard today. Wireless reception is very bad in the conference rooms.