September 9, 2008 - Sven Huisman

Updated application virtualization comparison chart!

We (Matthijs Haverink and I) have updated our application virtualization chart with the latest release of Citrix XenApp 5.0, Microsoft App-V and Xenocode 2008 SP1. We also changed Symantec Appstream in the chart by combining it with SVS pro, a more commonly used combination.

Download the Application comparison chart September 2008 (pdf) (download the updated Application Virtualization comparison chart) and let us know what you think about it!

We would like to thank all the vendors for helping us updating this chart. We would also like to thank van Eldijk Studio’s for creating the logo. It will also be used in our upcoming WordPress theme.

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  • Great job and nice logo! Do you consider the new Novell’s Application Virtualization ( to be one to one equal to Xenocode?


    • Sven Huisman says:

      I haven’t got the change to test the Novell product yet, but I suspect it to be the same as Xenocode.

    • Yes, Novell Zenworks Application Virtualisation (ZAV) looks pretty much like a direct rebranded Xenocode; but based on which version, and will future Xenocode developments automatically be incorporated into all future ZAV releases I wonder?

      We are testing ZAV and Thinapp evals just now. The ZAV product works well and is very good for its price, although does I feel have some drawbacks…

      At present, ZAV appears to incorporate any desired virtualised component apps into a single virtualised parent app exe at build time. This produces larger parent exes and possible component app maintenance issues if same component app were included in several different built parent app exe’s. Thinapp has the ability to link to separate virtualised apps from within a built parent app dynamically at runtime, which I see as a huge advantage.

      Another advantage of Thinapp over ZAV is that Acresso Adminstudio Enterprise (which we already use to repackage MSI’s) is Thinapp (and Citrix XenApp) ‘aware’ and can do all the snapshotting, repackaging and creation of Thinapp exe’s (so long as you have Thinapp installed) from the one familiar Adminstudio interface.

      Does anyone happen to know if a) Xenocode/Novell have any plans to do Thinapp style dynamic app linking in a future release and b) whether Acresso are likely to release a Xenocode/ZAV aware version of Adminstudio in the future? These would make ZAV a more appealing prospect.

      This is a brilliant comparison chart and just what I was looking for / was attempting to create myself. Thank you very much for publishing.

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  • Lasse says:

    Great report thanks.

    One thing I miss is – does the different vendors support roaming profiles. I have heard that Symantec does not support roaming profiles. I know that App-v does, but I do not know about the others.

    • Hi Lasse,

      Thanks for your comment/question. It’s a good question and I don’t have the answer for that directly. All I can say for now is that we most certainly will adopt the roaming profile option in our next Chart !

    • Hessel says:

      SVS does not support roaming profiles. They usually sell Scense in combination with SVS to re solve this issue (and others)

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  • anonymous says:

    Hey this is a VERY NICE CHART. Thanks a LOT. VERY USEFUL.

  • anonymous says:

    Please provide some sort of email/RSS notification when the chart is updated.

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  • Elvar says:

    One thing that I find missing about Thinapp. You keep pointing out that there is no central management to see which user has which program but you do not mention that basic Windows security groups and windows group policies do that exactly. Whats best is that most already know how to use those features.

    You create a security group for that app. Create the app and assign a security group to the app. Create a group policy that assigns a shortcut to the app or deployes the app, assign that to the security group. Then finaly you add users to that group and everything is central and extremely easy to manage without having to learn new tricks.

    • Sven Huisman says:

      Okay, you use Active Directory as your deployment tool for your virtualized applications. That’s fine. We only mention the fact that there is no central management tool for Thinapp, just to compare it with other products that do have a central management tool (most of the them can do a lot more than just deploy the apps).

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  • EBE says:

    Great, big thanx !

  • Fernando Madruga says:

    One thing that isn’t clear: the US$ 100 price for InstallFree is misleading in that it implies they sell as little as 1 license yet, upon contacting them for an evaluation, I was told they don’t deal with single orders, so better get that straight to better compare with the other offers that more openly state the starting number of licenses to purchase…

    • Sven Huisman says:

      Good point Fernando. In the next chart we will include minimum number of licenses to purchase. Thanks.

      • Dave says:

        Great chart and love the effort! Like the others who have posted here, when will the chart be updated for 2009 updates to these vendors’ solutions? This is a very useful resource.


  • Robert says:

    This is a great chart!

    When will it be updated?

  • Marcus Breiden says:


    any updates to this?

    It is a very resourcefull chart and I point customers to it all the time.


  • mathieu says:

    FYI: Thinapp packager does allow MSI output, you can update the PDF

    Great job guys !

  • Hi Sven Huisman,

    I am very impressed by the comparison chart. You have put together the most comprehensive comparison on the web. I see that you plan to update it this month (Aug). Is that plan still on track?

    Will you be at VMworld in San Fransico. I would love to have a chance to meet you and your associates.

    Brett Bingaman

    • Sven Huisman says:

      Hi Brett,

      YES, the update is still scheduled to be released this month.
      YES, I will be attending VMworld 2009 this year. I will see you there!

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