Microsoft RTMs App-V today. With App-V 4.5 a lot of new features are introduced. One of them is Dynamic Suite Composition (DSC), which is just a fancy term for application interconnectivity:

we have introduced a feature called Dynamic Suite Composition (DSC) that is targeted at solving the plug-in and middleware issues specifically. This feature allows an administrator to dynamically suite different plug-in and middleware application packages together with a primary application so that the applications can interact with each other, while maintaining only a single package for each application and reducing total package sizes.

Another new feature is streaming over HTTP(S). I also thought there would be a possibility to create standalone packages (like you can with ThinApp), but this is not the case. You can create MSI-packages and put them on CD:

The publishing and delivery of applications through a standalone MSI-based installer, which can be delivered offline via a CD/DVD or deployed via an existing software distribution mechanism that the customer currently has deployed.

Our application comparison chart will be updated very soon. Actually, we will have an updated version ready by next week, right after Citrix releases the new XenApp.