August 29, 2008 - Sven Huisman

Win a polo-shirt!

My colleague and I are getting ready for VMworld and as you know we will be blogging at this event. To promote our blog, we will be wearing unique polo-shirts. On the back of the shirts, we want to put a funny slogan and maybe you can help us out. Think of a funny slogan that has to do with virtualization and win a polo-shirt! The best 3 slogans will win a shirt and the competition ends August 31 2008 at midnight (CET).

Here are some examples:

“I blog on and all I got was this lousy shirt”
“I got this Hypervishirt from”
“High Available shirt”

Submit your suggestion by using the comment option. Good luck!

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  • Alex says:

    Fast like a Ninja.
    Smart like a Virtual Machine.

  • David Claussen says:

    “ – Go green or go home”
    “Embrace your VirtualFuture”
    “VirtualFuture – reducing our reliance on oil”
    “The VirtualFuture looks bright!”

    • Mike says:

      “VirtualFuture.Info – Hypervisors, Blogs, and Beer”
      “VirtualFuture.Info – HyperBloggers on Visors”
      “VirtualFuture.Info – Instant Virtual Gratification”
      “VirtualFuture.Info – Good Things Come in Green Packages”

  • Rich says:

    This is not your father’s virtual reality!
    (use a picture of the VR glasses from the ’80s / ’90s)

  • gert says:

    “I want to be a VM so I can VMotion around”

  • Cor says:

    one step in the present but a giant leap in the future

  • Rob Mokkink says:

    Real Men use Real Hypervisors…

    P2V > /dev/Beer

  • “Back to the Shirt”

    “The future is so bright I need to wear a HyperVisor”

    I’m stuck in the ’80’s this morning…

  • Rob Mokkink says:

    If you can read this. I will have to revert you back to snapshot.

  • Gabes says:

    -I’ve been virtualized
    -My footprint keeps getting smaller
    -I could have had a VM
    -Virtualize the World
    *Physical is a fad
    -physical-less society

  • Arjan says:

    Place your bet an the right hypervisor!
    The good, the bad and the fastest virtualisation blog.
    Make my day on VMworld!
    Hyper-Viva Las Vegas.

  • Tim says:

    1. You never forget your first P2V!
    2. Roses are FF0000, violets are 0000FF, virtualization is 00FF00.
    3. “1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d t0 v1rtu4l1z3”.
    4. Save a Data Center, go virtual.
    5. The more machines I virtualize the longer I can sleep at night.
    6. -What is your name? Sir Ex-AT-six of Silicon Valley -What is your quest? Virtualization. -What is your favorite color? Green.
    7. Planning a virtual future? Start small and think big.

  • Scott Lowe says:

    “Admins are hyper-wiser when they use a hypervisor”

  • Sven Huisman says:

    Thank you all for your great suggestions. Today we will select the 3 winners.

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