The VMworld 2008 schedule builder is live, and I have build my personal schedule. I will post my full schedule before the start of VMWorld, so you can see which sessions I will attend and what I will be blogging about. In the mean time, take a look at some highlights in my schedule. There are some great new features that will be announced/released during VMworld 2008. If you are attending VMworld, which session are you looking forward to the most?

Fault Tolerant VMs in VMware Infrastructure: Operation and Best Practices
This is Continuous Availability we’re talking about! This is the session description:

This session will focus on datacenter availability through virtualization, with an emphasis on VMware’s next generation product offerings for mission critical workloads. It will provide a summary of exciting new technologies being developed to deliver zero-downtime , zero data loss configurations, describe interactions with other complimentary VMware Infrastructure features, and provide guidance on how to plan & configure your environments to best utilize these new capabilities.

Offline VDI
A tech preview will be demonstrated.

This session will cover Offline VDI, a technology under development by VMware. This session will introduce the feature and the targeted use cases, do a deep dive on how the feature could be implemented, include a tech preview demonstration and then talk about potential future directions for Offline VDI.

Benefits of Image Composer to VDM Deployments
Scalable Virtual Images (SVI) for VDI as announced during VMworld Europe 2008.

The next release of VDM introduces Image Composer technology that enables fast provisioning of a large number of desktops while reducing the storage TCO (total cost of ownership) dramatically. Using Image Composer, the desktops can be managed by updating a single centralized image and then synchronizing the desktops to the new image. Image Composer also provides the ability to preserve user data and profiles across system updates.

Tech Preview: VMware Infrastructure Virtual Networking – Future Directions
The possibility to use 3th party virtual switches sounds good.

The virtual network paradigm is shifting towards a fully distributed, interconnected virtual network. This new distributed paradigm will greatly improve virtual network provisioning and management while enabling new distributed virtual network services not possible before. This session will cover how these new types of virtual networks are built and managed as part of the next generation datacenter. This session will also provide recommendations on how to prepare your physical infrastructure to take full advantage of these distributed virtual networks so as to maximize performance and streamline on-going network operations.