One of the things you have to be carefull within a Virtual Infrastructure environment, just as in every other environment by the way, is how your LUNs are balanced over the HBA’s. Especially when you have a pretty dynamic infrastructure you might not always pay attention to this.

My colleague Rob Mokkink has made a pretty nice powershell script that balances LUN’s on the different HBA’s.

What it does :

– It sets the Path Management Policy to fixed
– Sets odd luns to a preferred path of vmhba1
– Sets even luns to a preferred path of vmhba2

We always need to state that usage of scripts like these should be done with extreme caution because every environment is different so results can differ !

You can download the HBA Load Balancer script now.

If you have any questions or comments you can drop them on the tread at the vmware communities site.