July 30, 2008 - Johan

Veeam Backup 2.0 is now available!

I juste received an e-mail from Veeam that their next version of Veeam Backup has been released.

Here’s the content of this e-mail:

 You asked for it, you’ve got it!

 At Veeam Software we take feedback from our customers and partners very seriously. “Listening to you, building the tools you need” is our motto, and we mean it.

Today’s release of Veeam Backup version 2.0 is evidence of our commitment, as it includes major new features suggested by you, our customers.  These include:A new optimized engine for up to five times faster backup and replication than the previous version

  • Windows VSS support
  • ESXi support
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting on job activity and statistics
  • Backup portability
  • Support for 3rd party tape backup


Veeam Backup 2.0 Product demo

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  • Sven Huisman says:

    Windows VSS support is not something Veeam added to the product, but because the latest release of ESX supports VSS, Veeam automatically also supports VSS. 🙂

  • Sascha Reuter says:

    Sven: You have a checkbox in Veeam Backup 2.0 for VSS. So you actually can choose if VSS is involved or not.

  • Doug Hazelman says:

    Veeam Backup 2.0 does not use the VMware VSS driver and is not dependent on having Update 2 installed. When creating a backup job you have the option of using VSS, if you decide to use VSS then you need to supply and account with access to the Virtual Machine to initiate the VSS backup. Veeam also offers an option to disable the sync driver (VMware tools quiesence)