July 9, 2008 - Matthijs Haverink

Ex-Microsoft executive now leads VMWare!

Yesterday VMWare announched that founder and CEO of VMWare Diane Greene is replaced immediately by ex-Microsoft executive Paul Maritz. It needs to be said that Paul Maritz, wasn’t working at Microsoft for over 8 years, but nevertheless it’s an interesting move.

For those who keep close track on VMWare’s public activities and announcements it’s known that the CEO of EMC and the CEO of VMWare had some differences in opinion [understatement].

The direct effect at this point is that VMWare stocks dropped almost 30%!

Brian Ducharme and David Marshall had an interesting discussion about this subject available in podcast format. You can find it here:


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  • Sven Huisman says:

    What if Diane Greene and her Husband Mendel (and a whole bunch of VMware employees) would go and work for Microsoft to give Hyper-V a technology boost? 🙂

  • That would certainly kill VMWare … And I believe they would easily get half of the VMWare crew over! Most of the VMWare employees loved Dianne so sacking her without explanation has set a lot of bad blood !

  • Oddly enough, you guys might be on to something. We all read about the bad blood between EMC’s Tucci and Diane Greene. Fact as far as we know. 😉 And there was also no love loss between Diane Greene and Microsoft. However, since Diane and Mendel have made so much money off the VMware stock, there really shouldn’t have been any reason for her to sign any type of gag order or non-compete on her departure. If she sells off her stock, don’t think that Diane won’t come up with something new. Those two are ideas people. Watch out, she’ll be back! And who will she take with her?