Last week VMWare released the long expected Update 2 for the VMWare 3 Infrastructure products. Besides cool new features like Hot-cloning VM’s, W2K8 Guest support, Storage VMotion and VSS quiescing support, one of the new features is the so called EVC.

This is introduced as just another feature in the VMWare Infrastructure product line but this should not be taken lightly. EVC stands for Enhanced VMotion Capability and it is a technology which can be used to add support to an existing VMotion cluster.

This technique uses the Intel FlexMigration and AMD-V Extended Migration techniques to make their CPU’s compatible with older CPU versions within your EVC cluster. You can enable EVC on a cluster in VirtualCenter wich then configures all hosts in the cluster to ensure CPU compatitbility for VMotion.

Read all about the new features and bug fixes here: